Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Playground Musings

Mom or not? I ask Judith, one of my mom-friends, who like me, is firmly on the other side of 40. We are on the playground with our second graders after school.

"Her? Mom, definitely a mom," she answers.

"You think? I don't know, look how low her jeans are." I muse.

"But did you see how fast she jumped up when her daughter fell?"


Judith and I -- and Margaret and Wanda -- often have this little bit of slightly-rude fun when we are feeling particularly vulnerable to the older mom blues.

Is it jealousy or perimenopause or just being in our not-so-early 40s (with various sagging parts), that causes us such consternation at being unable to differentiate between the really young (20-something and early 30-something) Moms, and the au pairs, nannies and teenage older sisters dispatched to pick up children from the elementary schools?

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