Friday, February 24, 2006

Legos..In the bathroom?

It's true, I must have never been a kid, as my husband told me tonight. He on the other hand, must have been enough of a kid for both of us.....what brought this up was, I was trying to take a nap, but kept hearing my two sons in the bathroom, very loudly making up stories about their newest favorite things...a Legos jetliner and helicopter.....Stumbling in to investigate, I find older son in the shower, younger son on bathroom floor and both Legos aircraft (they are big, let me tell you), on the bathroom rug, in various stages of take-off and landing, and numerous loose Lego pieces scattered from sink to toilet.....WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH LEGOS IN THE BATHROOM? I said very calmly (well, maybe I yelled, or screamed or something)...anyway, younger son exits downtrodden, and I huff away. Later, husband says I am a killjoy. "Wasn't I ever a kid who wanted to bring their favorite new toy everywhere?" Well, I was. But bringing my Baby Wetsy doll in the bathroom was clearly a different matter, don't you think?

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ask any mom.....why is it that we can figure out how to navigate the school system, what teen clothes are cool to buy(usually), and which member of the family likes which peanut butter (plain, crunchy, extra-crunchy, honey-roasted, low-fat, natural)....but we can't figure out how to work our new blog!!

Another day, another few hundred dollars

We moms learn something new every day. Like how difficult it is to go from 51 miles an hour, (which is one mile over the posted speed limit), down to 35 miles an hour (the new posted limit), exactly 1/4 mile before encountering the six (6!) police officers who are pulling over a high percentage of cars, and, with alarming pleasure, issuing tickets.

And, to further my education this particular morning, I learned that 15 miles over the speed limit is a nominal (not more than dinner out) fine, but 16 miles over the limit is a major fine, 4 points on your license and an insurance surcharge for the next three years.

Yes, we moms learn something new every day....unfortunately we often don't learn these things from unfortunate friends who had the above misfortune. No, we learn them first-hand, with children in the back seat, a grocery bag of melting ice cream on the front seat and the sinking feeling that the municipal court probably won't take Visa.

Ask Any Mom

A mom learns something new every day: 1. Today's speeding ticket will usually be roughly the same amount of yesterday's unexpected rebate check.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Hi readers, Thanks for visiting my brand new blog. I planned to write a brilliant and witty opening, but because: 1. husband needs help operating complex machinery in the kitchen (dishwasher); 2. one child has something in his eye (I'm assuming he means other than normal anatomy) and is screaming; 3. other child wants desperately to clue me in to the delights of watching curling on the Olympics and won't take no for an answer; and 4. I just remembered the laundry I put in the washer six hours ago, the Ring Ding I started eating while cleaning out cabinets and quickly stashed in the good china cupboard when I heard above-named husband and kids coming home, and the invitations to child number one's birthday party that should have been mailed three days ago and I am sincerely hoping are still under the front seat of the car where they slipped when I slammed the brakes because my friend, on my cell-phone speaker shrieked, "I can't be pregnant. I'm 44!" So, instead of a lovely welcome message about how this is going to be a random account of my life as a mom, and occasionally, my life as an individual person, you get life. Welcome.