Friday, February 24, 2006

Legos..In the bathroom?

It's true, I must have never been a kid, as my husband told me tonight. He on the other hand, must have been enough of a kid for both of us.....what brought this up was, I was trying to take a nap, but kept hearing my two sons in the bathroom, very loudly making up stories about their newest favorite things...a Legos jetliner and helicopter.....Stumbling in to investigate, I find older son in the shower, younger son on bathroom floor and both Legos aircraft (they are big, let me tell you), on the bathroom rug, in various stages of take-off and landing, and numerous loose Lego pieces scattered from sink to toilet.....WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH LEGOS IN THE BATHROOM? I said very calmly (well, maybe I yelled, or screamed or something)...anyway, younger son exits downtrodden, and I huff away. Later, husband says I am a killjoy. "Wasn't I ever a kid who wanted to bring their favorite new toy everywhere?" Well, I was. But bringing my Baby Wetsy doll in the bathroom was clearly a different matter, don't you think?

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