Monday, February 27, 2006

Office Furniture

Don't ask me, but if you do, I will tell you that I think putting a piece of exercise equipment, no matter how sleek it looks or practical it seems, in your home office, is a colossally stupid idea.
I know this because I recently did this exact stupid thing. So now, as I sit at my desk browsing catalogs, reading unimportant blogs (not this one of course), ordering DVDs from Netflix, and otherwise procrastinating and NOT writing, I can look across the room and see my brand new, exceedingly well-designed, $879 NordicTrac treadmill, with the built in multi-speed fan, and think....oh, fine, another thing I'm not doing that I should be doing.

However, I have found that the treadmill is actually quite useful as a landing strip for my son's new Lego Luxury Passenger Jet, as well as a handy spot to plunk down the bags I keep bringing home from Staples, containing the new magazine holders, smoothly-flowing Uniball fine-line markers, color-coordinated file folders, and other nifty items I absolutely positively need for my work.

The work, which at the present moment, I am not doing. Not doing while staring at the treadmill. Feeling guilty. And fat.


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