Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Hi readers, Thanks for visiting my brand new blog. I planned to write a brilliant and witty opening, but because: 1. husband needs help operating complex machinery in the kitchen (dishwasher); 2. one child has something in his eye (I'm assuming he means other than normal anatomy) and is screaming; 3. other child wants desperately to clue me in to the delights of watching curling on the Olympics and won't take no for an answer; and 4. I just remembered the laundry I put in the washer six hours ago, the Ring Ding I started eating while cleaning out cabinets and quickly stashed in the good china cupboard when I heard above-named husband and kids coming home, and the invitations to child number one's birthday party that should have been mailed three days ago and I am sincerely hoping are still under the front seat of the car where they slipped when I slammed the brakes because my friend, on my cell-phone speaker shrieked, "I can't be pregnant. I'm 44!" So, instead of a lovely welcome message about how this is going to be a random account of my life as a mom, and occasionally, my life as an individual person, you get life. Welcome.

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