Friday, June 09, 2006

Old Volcano, Very Old

At the library, I noticed a children's science magazine all about Pompeii, and since my 8-year-old son recently learned about volcanos, I picked it up.

"Cool Mom, thanks," he said and immediately began paging through it and peppering me with Look at this and Did-you-know?

"I was there," I told him.

"YOU were in Pompeii???" he asked, incredulous. I thought I had told him all about my whirlwind European tour when I was just 9 years old.

"Were you scared?" he asked.

"No, but it was a little spooky," I admitted.

"What did you do?"

"Well, I walked around mostly," I said.

"I mean, what did you do when the hot lava started flowing???"

I feel old. Very, very old.


Trish said...

How funny. I love how kids take things 'literally' and seem to not have a concept of time in history.
Thanks for sharing that.

Anonymous said...

Kids are too funny! lol

Katkat said...

That's really cute!

Dawno said...

Children sure can put us in our places, can't they? My daughter often compares my youth to something "pre-cambrian"

Great blog, thanks for letting us at AW know you're here!