Monday, July 24, 2006


And so, I am back. Back from two weeks away, away from my kids and my husband and my routines and my house and my life, I suppose. It was great and it was sad and I missed my two boys and my hubby so much that when I got back I wondered how I could ever leave again. Unless of course you argue, as I might, that it was two weeks that have the flicker, an inkling, a small chance, to perhaps alter my life in a way that may be wonderful and scary and just right. I will leave again in January, and I will want to.

I was away to attend an intense 11-day session of a graduate school program, 400 miles and five states away. I was merely on the Atlantic coast of Maine, but it felt like a gazillion miles from my little (and, I have to admit, small-minded) New Jersey suburb, at least if you count those miles in the type of people with whom I was surrounded, the wash of ideas and thinking, the shower of intellect and blizzard of possibility. Sure, I know there are smart people where I live, and interesting types with cool jobs and searing intellectual curiosity; problem is, I rarely get to meet them. They don't seem to hang out on line at the supermarket, waiting outside the elementary school, on the soccer sidelines, or at the family-school association meetings that make up a fairly big chunk of my everyday.

And so, how did my little family fare in my absence? Amazingly, surprisingly, competently, and really, very very well. Damn them.


Mary Tsao said...

Sounds like heaven. Glad you and your family survived. Now you can look forward to the next one!

Lorchen said...

I read a comment you made at Drink This, and found your site from there...I am excited to have found you!

You are so right about being able to be away and have "adult" conversation with people with very similar interests. But isn't it always wonderful to get back home to reality, no matter how much "drudgery" there is? Something about coming back to those little faces (even when they are frowning or griping) just makes you feel so needed and loved! It's always nice to take part in professional endeavors, but I am almost always SO ready to come home after just two or three days.